Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still Alive and Well in Cuenca

Dear Friends and Family:  I am sorry to say I have not been keeping anyone updated for the last year!  Can't believe it has been that long.  Life seems to settle into a pattern, a new normal, and I don't think to put something in the blog. We have had great times with friends sharing birthdays, dog birthdays, house warmings, and just because times together.

So for a quick update, last March Jack had a blood clot in his shoulder and spent 7 days in the hospital.  The doc was sweet and let him out for a few hours for a big 76th birthday party.  Doctor Moscoso even came to the party, the fellow in the red jacket above.

In June we took a wonderful trip to Banos de Ambato.  This is quaint little tourist town on the side a volcano in norther Ecuador with wonderful mineral hot springs.  It was so relaxing and we really loved the town and the trip there was beautiful.
Sara and I went horseback riding.  In case you can't tell, the horses had more padding than we did, as the saddles were WOOD.  We really enjoyed the hot springs after our ride!!!!  

The landscape of Ecuador is beautiful and varied.  From volcanoes, to patchworks of fields, and jungles.

In September our daughter Genevieve, who lives in South Carolina presented us with a new grandson, Joseph. I got to go for the big event.  Below are Genevieve with baby Joseph, Richie (13), Elizabeth (5), and dad Jeremy in the background.  It was a great visit but too short.

November brought the traditional Thanksgiving celebration with new family and friends. Sorry no picture too busy cooking and visiting.  Followed in December with a trip to Puerto Cayo and a wonderful resort Los Suenso del Mar for a relaxing Christmas.  The beach was empty, the weather beautiful, and the accommodation great.

Driving home on Christmas day we stopped in Guayaquil and had McDonalds for our Christmas dinner!

It is now February and we are packing to move to a bigger house. . . room for visitors so plan to come and see us!!!

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