Sunday, September 26, 2010

38 Days to Ecuador

Just a quick note. We have started packing and the 4 suitcase scenario has grown to 8 plus the carry-ons. We did get our marriage license and retirement paperwork back from the Ecuadorian Consulate and off to the attorney in Cuenca.

Our daughter who just moved back to Grants Pass and son who is in Salem, Oregon are putting their names on things and hopefully will be taking them to their storage lockers soon. Our garage sale is scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

We have been excited keeping up on our new friends blogs, as we can, in the midst of our chaos and also spending as much time as possible with dear friends here.

Our schedule includes driving to Salem to get Iggy's health Certificate signed the week before we leave. We have rented a minivan to drive to San Francisco on the first of November, appointment with the consulate to get Iggy's papers stamped on the 2nd, and then off to Ecuador on the 3rd - got to love those 6 AM departures!

More to come . . pictures TOO.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Countdown Begins

It is hard to believe we have been home in Grants Pass over a week, now almost two! Grants Pass is a great town with many friends we will miss. We are having Cuenca weather now, cool and nice: strange for the first week of school!

The process of getting back to Cuenca has begun, we are in highgear. The first lesson learned is that a marriage certificate issued by the county can not apostiled by the Secretary of State, it has to be a certificate issued by the State. Sure glad I called to clarify before we drove 200 miles to Salem to get it done. The correct document is now been returned from Salem and in the mail to the consulate in Washington DC to be legalized!

We ordered suitcases to accomplish the move and they arrived today! It's a good thing as it took about 4 hours on the phone to get our travel arrangements accomplished. Traveling with our dog Iggy makes for problems as many airlines will not take the larger dog and one would not guarantee he would be on the same flight and could not even make his reservation until three days before that's service! As you can see he is too cute to leave home!!

Other little joys so far have been getting Jack's blood type for the visa application. Since neither of us could remember we had the doctor run it. Of course, in the good old USA you do not own your medical records so the lab could not give us that information, we had to wait for them to transmit it to the doctor, then his nurse call us back, the problem was the tranmitting did not happen properly, and it took 5 days to get a simple A, B, or O out of them! Oh how we long for Cuenca.

Our flight is nailed down now. We should arrive in Guayaquil on November 3 at 0'dark thirty at night as most flights but at least we have a count down started!!!!!
More to come! Chao!