Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Back and the Family Has Grown

June has been a very busy month.  Although it is not widely known we were in the US lately to visit friends and family.  We flew to Florida and before I go further I want to recommend LAN Airlines.  The service was great, leg room more generous than American, and real food!  We were on the midnight flight and were served a "snack" which included salad, whole grain roll, chicken curry with rice, flan, and a glass of WINE!  Miami was hot and humid, a reminder why we live in Cuenca.  We had to laugh as we used almost as much Spanish there as we do here! 

We had wonderful visits with new friends we met here in Cuenca who were down kicking tires and old friends, some Jack had not seen in 40 years.  Got to see his son John, granddaughter Danielle, and great-granddaughter Scarlet.  Two beautiful ladies!

Danielle and Scarlet
Finger Food!

The practical purpose was to establish with a doctor, closer than our old home in Oregon, to get prescriptions renewed as mail order pharmacies in the US have to have an Rx from a doctor with a license to practice in the US and the doctors here in Cuenca, and probably all Ecuador can not afford to maintain a US license.  Anyway, had a good visit with the new doc and we will see him again next year!  Also did some shopping to help the suffering Florida economy...

Flew LAN back and were not disappointed.  Our dear friend Noshy arranged for a van to meet us at the airport, take us to see the cardiologist in Guayaquil who has the equipment to read Jack's pacemaker.  Got a good report there and then home.  We were greeted by Noshy and family with roses and a great dinner.  Sarah and Rubin had been house and Iggy sitting for us while we were gone and did a great job.

The latest additions to our family arrived yesterday!  Rubia and Chiquita, seven week old Poodle/Schnauzer mix puppies.  We had planned on one but they were so cute we could not choose so now there are two!  They also have a brother and sister waiting adoption so if you are interested let me know!!!!

Iggy checking the new girls out

Making themselves right at home for a nap.
Another note: things are still blooming here... my rose bush has not stopped since we moved in last November.  Have you ever seen aloe bloom?  It does.
Having some wet weather today.  I am off to see the new chiropractor in town...too much luggage moving last week.  Jack will probably try him too as he fell in the Miami airport at the beginning of our trip and messed up his back.

Hope this finds all of you well!  Take care.  Chao!