Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 Days to Ecuador

What a month October has been! Our progress toward the goal of moving has had quite a run this month. October has included Claudia's birthday (October 6th), packing, visiting friends, attending a Gaither Homecoming Concert, packing, garage sales, packing, and so much more. Each day brings new challenges, new twists to what we thought the plan was, but also one step closer to the goal of Cuenca!

We had multiple birthday celebrations with friends Connie and Mike joined us for dinner. Then Claudia shared a birthday with Dawn who's birthday was on the 15th.

We had friends from Fresno California along with our son and daughter in law from Salem Oregon stop by to share int he excitement of our packing and say Hasta la vista! As with Ecuador friends, food is always involved!

Back in May we bought tickets for a gospel concert to celebrate Claudia's birthday so on the 15th we took a break from selling, packing, and giving away stuff. And how profound I might say the word is stuff. The bits and pieces of our past. It was a great time!

A word to those who are planning to move with a pet, be flexible. We had it all planned to get the health certificate signed by the vet on Friday October 29th, then drive to Salem to get the USDA to sign the certificate, drive to San Francisco on November 1st, appointment with the Ecuadorian consulate on the 2nd and fly to Ecuador on the morning of the 3rd. Last week we got a call from the Consulate saying that since the 3rd was a Nation Holiday (Independence Day) they would be closed on the 3rd - suggested we do the Consulate certification by mail. Change of plans: call Vet, USDA, motel in SFO, and Budget rent-a-car to change the whole plan....not a problem!

I am elated to report that the Consulate returned the pet health certificate using the prepaid FedEx envelope we sent and now Iggy is certified to travel next week!

Dogs are so smart they speak the same language all over the world!

It is had to believe we have only a few more days. Our 10 suitcases are packed, our carry-ons are half packed and we are excited to be leaving and also experiencing inexpressible emotions about leaving friends and family. Thank God for modern technology - Skype, email, magic jack!
Cuenca here we come!