Saturday, February 11, 2012

January 2012

Hi all, sorry for the delay in writing but again we have been dealing with health issues.  Jack fell and sprained his ankle three weeks ago so we have been laying pretty low with his leg elevated.  I wont share a picture of the purple thing but it was pretty ugly! 

Additionally, my Mom passed away January 19th.  I did not go north as we had pretty much said good bye when I visited last May.  Her Parkinson's kicked into high gear very quickly and she passed in her sleep.  She will be buried with my dad at the National Cemetery in White City, Oregon.  They were both WWII veterans and we are very proud of their service.

January in Cuenca continues to have parades celebrating the Christ Child with angles, wise men, and the Holy Family.  I love the beautiful little ones on great big horses in the parades.

Before the fall we had a great dinner at the Parrillada de Hector which is on the hillside off the autopista.  Its a traditional grill and the view of great and the food pretty good.

We are finally getting out a little and are looking forward to a dinner at Calvary Chapel which is part of the new outreach to the English speaking community in Cuenca.  Services are now offered in English on Sunday's at 10 AM and have been a blessing. check it out.

The other big thing is while Jack put his leg up I painted the kitchen and just had ceramic tile put down. It was a week of eating out or bringing home take-out but I love the new brighter look of the kitchen!
Well take care and thanks for reading!

Remember Tuesday is Dia de San Valentin!  Ecuadorian roses are probably in your flower markets where ever you are in the world as rose growers here ship all over the world.