Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Things!

The last week was full of lots of new things.  I learned how to make Locra de Papas (potato soup) and enjoyed a typical Ecuadorian dinner which Noshy and Alfredo came over to cook for us.  Noshy showed me how to prepare the soup while Alfredo and Sara fried the covina (fish) and prepared the rice.

Ruben and Iggy waiting for dinner

Monday was delivery day.  Our new furniture, which we ordered custom made two weeks, ago arrived!  I must say we have had great experiences with deliveries, unlike some we have talked to here in Ecuador.  The furniture was promised on Monday and at 10:30 AM it was here.  The fellows were also nice enough to carry the old furniture upstairs in to the unfurnished apartment we have, so now it has chairs and a couch too!

Jack and Iggy trying new furniture

Iggy again trying new furniture.  Carpet is new too from Corral

Note the beautiful HAND CARVED legs
New look for the entry too!
 Tuesday was delivery day again.  Yes, those of you who are here in Cuenca and have been drooling over the big BBQ at Sukasa . . . it is at our house!  I think they have another as they asked if I wanted it assembled or in the box, we chose assembled . . . if not, you bring the meat, we've got the grill!
What a dream BBQ!
 On my way to UNSION I pass a craftsman shop and had to stop and buy this beautiful copper basket complete with rose and hummingbird.  Looks great on the new end table!

This rose is in our garden and looks in the dinning room french door to greet us each morning.  I love this place!!!

For those of you freezing in the northern hemisphere, we are having our summer rains.  The rivers are swollen and chocolate brown but the temperature is probably in the low 70's during the day with cool nights.  We live on the east end of Cuenca after the four rivers come together. 

River in February

River in November, note the rocks!
 That's all the news for now;  got to go fire up the BBQ for hamburgers!  I have been accused of being more excited about the BBQ than the new furniture.....humm.  Come visit and try them both and decide for yourself!

Thanks for reading.  Claudia and Jack