Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week Number 7

I am not sure were the days go.  We have been so busy that the weeks just slip away and I don't sit down and share our adventures with you all as regularly as I should . . I will try to do better.  Wait I said that before...

It is hard to believe that Christmas is next week!  There are Christmas trees decorated in all the stores. We are making plans to share the feast with new friends.  As it stands there will be about 12 of us, expats and Ecuadorians.  If any of you reading this are here in Cuenca and I have not invited you to dinner please get in touch with me!  Christmas is a time for family to share the day and remember why we celebrate.  Jack and I, Noshe and Alfredo, and Gary and Sue would love to have you join us, as here we are all family. 

Sunday we gathered with several gringos at Capilla Calvario, Calvery Chapel Cuenca, for church.  We understant that Pastor Freddy is considering having an English serivce due to the growing number of expats attending his church and even Spanish lessons.   we will keep you posted.  That evening we met with Mike and Patty Grimm at a great new Cafe for dinner.  Gourmand Cafe is a little hard to find (Calle Humberto Ma. Cordero 1-60 y 10 de Agosto) but what great food and lemon meringue pie!  Sorry no picture, we eat the pie too fast!

Our adventures this week have also included a great evening at Di Bacco's. Tuesday nights expats and Cuencanos gathering over adult beverages and Italian food.  Lots of good consversations and sharing what adventure the previous week held, where to find sour cream, the best chocolate in Cuenca, etc. 

Wednesday included shopping for crockpots and things to keep Christmas dinner warm at Coral in the Mall del Rio. The challenge is ovens here are very small unless you buy a big US brand and our rented house did not come with one.  It is a good thing that the Gaithers live down the street and can walk some of the dinner over when it is done in their oven!  Wednesday night the Ministry of External Affars, Trade, and Integration hosted a lovely evening for expats to answer some immigration and business opportunity questions and then there was entertainment, and local food and drinks.  We wore out after the first dance troop performed.

This morning Jack and Iggy had their recliner delivered.  I am pleased to announce that the delivery was scheduled for 11 AM and they arrived at 10:35!  Jack and Iggy had to try it out immediately.

Today was also a tour and luncheon at the new, one year old, Hospital del Rio, a beautiful state of the art teaching hospital.  It is very impressive and only about 5 minutes down river from us.  By the way, doctor visits are $25.  One of the gals there today had had an emergency apendectomy and the total bill was $1700!

Tomorrow we are having some electrical work done.  We want a porch light installed so we can see the front steps better. There is also a performance of the Nutcracker in the evening.  Always something to do, or just stay home and curl up with our Kindles and Christmas music stored on a thumb drive I loaded before we came.

Chao for now!

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